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Helping families most vulnerable
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Badge of Heart is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

​A Registered Trademark.

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At Badge of Heart we as Police Officers are working to create hope and an opportunity for a better community. But we can only do it with your help.  Join with us in our mission to help and donate now.

Please join our Team? 

We are looking for high energy, good humor and drama free  Volunteers.

Great partners, achieve Great things.

2017 was a huge success! 

We helped 561 families. Thank you to those who donated and Volunteered. 

Badge of Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to making real, meaningful differences in our community.

Our work is driven by a core group of Police Officers who realize the power to effect change, that comes from their tireless efforts.

Number of individuals/families we helped since 2015 = 1,887

Our Mission

Partnering with the Community to  help Police Officers sponsor families in need (Victims of Crime or Financial Hardship).

Any Law Enforcement Officer know of a family in need? We can help!

 **Community members welcome**

Let's work together!

9 Sponsors needed  to help families in need and Scholarships to our local Students.